RDS Faculty & Staff


Name / EmailBioTitle
Lee, JamesMessage from the HeadHead of School
Marston, RussellRead BioAssistant Head & Student Life
Fordyce, PatrickRead BioDirector of Enrollment Management
Delaney, AshleyRead BioOffice Administrator

Junior School Homeroom Staff

Name / EmailBioGrade
Stanley, AlexandraRead BioJunior Kindergarten
Baziuk, SkyeRead BioJunior Kindergarten Assistant
Cox, LindyRead BioSenior Kindergarten
McCuaig, JuliaRead BioSenior Kindergarten Assistant
Shiva, AlasvandRead BioGrade 1
Kirsten ShierRead BioGrade 2
Trought, Laura Read BioGrade 3

Middle School Homeroom Staff

Name / EmailBioGrade
Lintern, JustinRead BioGrade 4
Buwalda, JuliaRead BioGrade 5&6
Scott RamkissoonRead BioGrade 7
Blair, NicoleRead BioGrade 8

Specialist Staff

Name / EmailBioArea
Rubie, ShannonRead BioArt
Wafa, AouchicheRead BioFrench
Young, EmmaRead BioMusic
Boeckh, ToryRead BioAthletics & Co-curriculars Coordinator; Physical & Health Education
Eby, CameronRead BioPhysical & Health Education
Kwong, StephanieRead BioMandarin & After Care
Lara FinneyRead BioLearning Strategist