” …the perfect mix of support, encouragement and challenge…”

When we were looking for a school for our son P.J., we’d never heard of RDS, and to be honest, we were a bit reluctant to check it out when it was recommended to us at the end of our search. We’d already found another school that seemed like a good fit for P.J. for grade two, and we weren’t sure how many visits and buddy days one seven-year-old could take. Fortunately, we decided to give RDS a try just so we’d know we’d covered all the bases. As soon as P.J. came back from his visit with Mr. Badali’s grade one class, we could see how happy and comfortable he felt. After months of looking for the right place, we made the decision to enroll P.J. at RDS within a week. I can’t tell you what a wonderful year P.J. ended up having, trying out all kinds of new sports and activities and finding the perfect mix of support, encouragement and challenge from his grade two teacher, Ms. Shier. We feel like we’ve stumbled on a hidden gem with RDS! The kids are happy and kind to each other, and the teachers are thoughtful and responsive. It’s a warm and cozy environment that also broadens the kids’ horizons with outside arts, science and camp experiences. We’ve been so pleased with RDS that we decided to send P.J.’s twin sisters there for junior kindergarten too. It feels good knowing all our kids will be together in such a special spot. We’re so glad we went for that one last school visit! – Marni Soupcoff (2015)

“He absolutely thrived, gained an enormous amount of confidence…”

A priority for us choosing RDS was that our son Vincent would be academically challenged.  The teachers truly considered each individual child’s needs and brought our son to his full potential.  He absolutely thrived, gained an enormous amount of confidence and fit right in immediately.  After visiting many private schools that accepted our son’s applications I was drawn to RDS by a comment made during our orientation.  “I am aware how important SK is in the overall development of a child’s successful academic future.  I ensure their foundation is solid before leaving my class”.  Wow, what an impression!  Every child is special at RDS and so are the teachers!  Ms. Lindy’s passion to teach is evident each and every day. There is something to be said about small schools.  It is quite the community and positive learning environment. We are grateful and thankful! – Lucy Troisi (SK Parent 2015)

“…teachers explain it very well so I understand it.”

“I enjoy learning at RDS because the work is very diverse and not monotonous. In math, we learn something new every day, and in Language Arts we do fun journals and interesting projects such as collages on diversity. I also enjoy learning at RDS because every time I don’t know something, the teachers explain it very well so I understand it. The teachers make the concepts really easy to understand every time we learn something new.” – Matthew C (Grade 6 – 2014)

“…teachers are exceptional professionals…”

“Sean and I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to RDS for all that it has done for Isabella over an extraordinary ten year journey. The teachers are exceptional professionals and a great testament to the school and its reputation.”  – Suzanne O’Hara (2012)

“…the right values and academic excellence…”

In 1999, when our eldest child Thomas was four, we started to look for a private primary school which we felt would offer us as a family a special foundation on which to help instill and establish the right values and academic excellence for our children. After an exhaustive search, we knew we had found it at RDS When we met then Headmistress, Sherry Stewart we were so impressed. Refreshing and reassuring, I breathed a sigh of relief knowing we were leaving our child in the very best hands imaginable, a school on solid values, good manners, common sense. [You will find] a team of dedicated and enthusiastic teachers… [and]a nurturing and safe place for their child to grow and to flourish in an environment that is very rigourous academically and rich in athletics and extracurricular activities. They have built a legacy to be proud of. The school’s motto, “Every child is special” is indeed true, they believe in every child as if they were their own. And, most importantly for any parent, the children are happy; you can hear it in the laughter in the halls!!!   – Bronwen Hann (2011)

“…captured her interest and engaged her in the love of learning.”

At the time that we were looking at a school, our daughter was in need of a change and a challenge. My wife and I were searching for both a great school and a community. With the larger schools we were concerned about her not getting the attention she deserved and frankly, getting lost. In RDS we found a unique community that immediately captured her interest and engaged her in the love of learning. The resources that they have access to, including the UofT, AGO, ROM and numerous other facilities provide an incredible range of experiences for RDS students. My daughter loves school so much that when our son was born, it was a foregone conclusion where he would go to school.

Our children mingle with kids of all ages, and know everyone’s name in the school. They are engaged in learning and when I see how quickly the are progressing, I know that choosing RDS was the right decision for them. I would be happy to share my RDS experiences with others.  – Bruce Simpson (2010)


I cannot believe that [my daughter]is nearing the end of her time at RDS. We have just got through a fairly exhausting process of applying to six schools (three public schools with special programs, and three private schools). I am sure you will be pleased to know that [my daughter]has decided to accept a place and scholarship at St. Clements School, the school you always thought she should attend! Thanks for preparing her so well for this stage. – Clare Orchard (2010)


We wanted to take the time to write a short note expressing our deep gratitude for everything you did for Julia while she was at RDS. Her three years at the school were exceptional. She grew not only as a student, but also as an ambassador for things she believes in. Aside from the excellent education in terms of the curriculum, the fundamental skills you taught her (how to organize herself, how to study, how to take notes and so on) have allowed her to breeze into high school, feeling confident and successful. The Grade 8 class last year was unusually small but instead of letting the girls just coast along, you challenged them to push ahead. The extra work they did has resulted in Julia’s teacher giving her enriched math in Grade 9. She is excited by learning and always felt supported and at home at RDS. The passion of the teachers translates into a love of learning with the children. We wish all the best for the school and truly miss it! Sincerely, Allyson & Roger   – Allyson Woodrooffe (2009)


I cannot tell you how grateful and appreciative we are for the many years we have been able to enjoy RDS. I still have my notes from my first phone call with you so many years ago. You have built a wonderful place that nurtured and cared in a very special way for our three boys and I will be endlessly grateful for such a gift. Thank you! We will miss the community at RDS. – Violet French (2009)


Our son attended RDS from Grades 6 to 8. During that time we were very pleased with the school and what it offered to him. His tenure at the school was an integral part of building his self-esteem and confidence. The small classes. dedicated teachers and integrated aspect of the whole school meant that students at all levels developed respect and empathy for each other. Initially skeptical of the school’s ability to offer a reasonable sports programme, we were amazed with the diversity and facilities that were offered. RDS’s association with the UofT facilities meant that they have better sports facilities than most schools.
If we had to do it all over again, would we pick RDS? You bet we would.  – Georgina Ratcliffe (2009)