Admissions Procedure

RDS Grade 7/8 Program

If you are interested in enrolling your child at the school, please contact:

Rosedale Day School Admissions
Office:  (416) 923-4726

Our Admissions Department will set up an interview and tour. We will respond as soon as possible, setting up a time that is convenient for you.
The visit and tour usually takes about an hour, and provides us an opportunity to address any questions you may have regarding our academic programs, facilities and student life opportunities.

We like to provide parents with several days to consider what they have seen at RDS, after which, we will follow up by phone, and hopefully set up a day for your child to spend in the classroom, with his/her prospective classmates.

All visiting students spend time with their prospective classmates in order to experience a regular day at The Rosedale Day School to ensure that the transition would be a good fit. Our staff will observe your child’s visit to ensure that we are making thorough assessments of suitability.

Following the Child Visit, the Admissions Office will receive a report from the homeroom staff. Information from this report will be used to help formulate a final decision with regards to admissions. The information will be relayed to parents by phone, and with it, all being well, the school will offer of a position.

Following the previous call, if RDS offers a position, you will receive a fomal letter of acceptance accompanied by  registration forms. The completion and return of these forms together with the registration deposit will secure a postion for the upcoming academic session. If you are looking to join a class midway through the year, if that is possible and advised, we will explain a modified version of this at the time.
The Rosedale Day School requires copies of the previous two years of report cards (if available). Also, RDS requires copies of any and all psychological educational reports and individual learning or educational plans (if applicable). Failure to provide these documents may lead to RDS revoking enrollment.