Why RDS? Our Top Reasons


  • Academics, Tailored Learning and Class Size
    The Rosedale Day School provides a well-balanced education to each and every student in small, nurturing classes. The school motto is “every child is unique” and this reflects our approach to education for today’s child and modern learner in order to prepare them for what lies ahead. The curriculum is designed and delivered with each student in mind to ensure they receive the best foundation for future success. We follow the Ontario Curriculum as a basis and enrich or extend whenever possible.
  • Co-Curricular Programming
    Programs are offered in 6-week blocks 4 times a year. Students of all ages are catered for, where possible with both sports- and arts-based options. We try our best to accommodate students’ wishes, and welcome feedback.
  • Physical Education and Outdoor Education
    We offer a first-rate Physical Education program, much of which is carried out at UofT’s facilities, a stone’s throw from RDS. We also make use of Varsity Arena and our own field. Outdoor Education opportunities are offered several times though the year.
  • Community Building and Parental Communication
    Our community is integral to our successful operation. We engage our parents at a number of levels from the Board to the Parents Guild to the everyday. Our parents lead many of our fundraising, community and engagement activities.
  • Location and Facilities
    RDS is located in the heart of Toronto’s Yorkville district. We are conveniently nestled between the Forest Hill, Annex and Rosedale residential neighbourhoods, the University of Toronto campus and the downtown financial core. The school is located in Manhattan-style premises, with easy access to a range of rich and diverse resources for our students, including museums, sports facilities, concert halls and theatres.