Curricular Program

Curricular Program At RDS, students of all ages are given a thorough grounding in key subjects of value throughout their high school education and further. These subjects include Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, French, Geography, History, Physical & Health Education, Music and Computing. We provide enriched programs, ensuring that many students are able to compete for places at some of Ontario’s more prestigious high schools.

Key Points

  • Our curricular day runs from 8:30am until at 3:30pm
  • We offer care (including co-curricular and study hall activities) from 8:00am until 6:00pm.
  • The students will enjoy a daily outdoor recess.
  • Mid-morning snacks are held in the classes, Midday lunches are held in dedicated lunchrooms
  • Classes are set up in a traditional manner with a desk for every student in Grades 1 to 8. Students’ individual needs are accommodated within this setting.
  • We base our curriculum on the Ontario Curriculum.
  • Students in grades 5 to 8 write tests in Term One and examinations in Term Three
  • We bus students to UofT’s Harbord Street Gym twice weekly for Physical Education.
  • We issue report cards each term which become part of the students’ permanent records.
  • Also provided are interim report cards given to all grade school students early in the year.