COVID-19: Those Who Look After Us

Written by: James Lee – Head of School

Our world today, and the environment we live in, comprises of common language that is being used frequently and emphasized by our medical community, health experts and government officials for our safety:

Social Distancing
Travel Restrictions
Closed Borders

Our schools have now transformed to an online delivery of education to support the continued pathway and learning momentum of students, as we all try to move our lives forward and adjust towards our “new-normal” way of life. For many, the challenge lies with balancing personal and professional commitments within the home, family and work life. It’s something that we must all adjust to, given the extraordinary circumstance. I have such a tremendous level of respect and gratitude for health care workers on the front lines and first responders who risk their lives daily during the COVID-19 outbreak. I also want to recognize the substantial amount of other vital people, who also “Look After Us.”

Here is a thank you list:

  • First Responders & Medical/Health care people and all hospital staff.
  • Government officials and policies that support the financial needs and distress levels of Canadians.
  • Public Transportation Employees to get us where we need to go and transport essential or health care workers – TTC, GO Train.
  • Cashiers and all other employees in our grocery stores who continue to work throughout this pandemic outbreak.
  • Logistics – Truck drivers who transport the supplies and necessities needed within our hospitals and grocery stores.
  • Restaurants providing take out services to provide some relief at times, or alternatives to home cooked meals.
  • Educational organizations that are not charging fees to access their resources during school closures.
  • (All others that may not have been mentioned but support the human needs of our survival and well-being throughout this time).

If the list above describes those, “Who Look After Us,” I think we can add one more group. That group refers to us. We have been reminded repeatedly by our health care workers to stay home.  If you need to go outside, maintain social distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19. If this is what it takes to “Look After” and protect those who are most vulnerable during these times, it is a minor request that has a tremendous impact to our society. We all have loved ones and people we know who may be vulnerable to respiratory illnesses and catastrophic outcomes. Our actions do matter and as a collective community, we need to respond together during these extraordinary times for our race………….the human race.