Last week, Grade 2 – 8 students at RDS wrote their fifth Caribou Math Contest of the school year. In this challenging time, they have risen to the occasion and strove to do their best when faced with these mathematical challenges.

Congratulations to Aiden Lee Gr.2 & Madison Tam for achieving a perfect score and top of their age groups in the world! We would also like to recognize Liam Ferguson and Chiara Pierri who scored in the top 9% of their respective age groups.   

A big congratulations to all of our RDS Gryphons with a special mention to those who broke through to stand in the top 25% of their Grade groups worldwide!  Special mention to  In Grade 2; Aiden Lee and Madison Tam. In Grade 3 & 4; Liam Ferguson, Kelly Qian, and Chiara Pierri. In Grade 5 & 6;  Emily Buwalda, Laurel Gamsa, and Malisha Lukomets. In Grade 7 & 8;  Colin McElheran and Jacob Hands for breaking the world top 25% in their respective categories. 

Complete Results can be found by clicking here.

Are you Smart enough to tackle a Caribou Math Question? (Taken from the Grade 7/8 Contest)

You are on a game show where there are five questions numbered from 1 to 5 together with their five answers labelled A, B, C, D, and E. To win, the answers must be arranged in a certain order so that every question is answered correctly. If you know the answer to one of the questions but just guess the answers at random for the other four questions, what chance do you have to win? Express your answer as a common fraction.