Dear RDS Community,

This has no doubt been a challenging and unique time period that we face together as a community. In the past week, collective efforts have been made to reduce the risk and slow down the levels of infection of COVID-19 Coronavirus, with the recent decision to close down schools in Ontario until April 5th, including all Toronto based CAIS accredited independent schools.  Recommendations and directions given by health and government officials continue to evolve or change, as we follow their guidance and advice throughout this pandemic. Personal health and safety remain a priority but our collective measures are also in place to protect those who are most vulnerable within our family and extended community. Our efforts to keep our community safe and healthy will always be a priority. Although the statistics and facts (World Health Organization) show that the majority of people will recover from COVID-19, it is paramount that we also need to protect those who are most vulnerable within our families and extended community during these times.

We are in a unique period and it is vital to continue to follow the direction of our medical experts, Toronto Public Health and Health Canada. Please note, that children continue to look towards adults during this time, as more information continues to flood news and social media. You have been provided with fact sheets from Toronto Public Health (attached) and the various measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of infection during cold and flu season.
It is clear, that we need to continue to act responsibly as an educational community and take the appropriate measures to continue maintaining a calm, informative and purposeful approach to this pandemic. I wish you and your family a happy, safe and restful break. If you have any further questions, regarding the school, please feel free to contact me anytime or Toronto Public Health, should you have any further questions pertaining to COVID-19.


James Lee
Head of School

The Rosedale Day School
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
office:     416.923.4726
fax:        416.923.7379