Written By: Alexandra Stanley & Brittany Mendelson

In Junior Kindergarten our Inquiry Unit this term focuses on Space. During our weekly visits to the Royal Ontario Museum, our students have had the opportunity to discover and learn more about Meteors. Did you know Meteorites are named for where they are found on Earth? For example martian meteorite NWA 5298 was found in Northwest Africa. 

This week, the JKs went to the Rocks and Minerals section at the ROM with paper and pencils and began sketching meteors that were on display. Students were then able to talk about the differences and similarities that they observed. We were so fortunate to have the chance to hold a real piece of a meteor brought over by one of the amazing ROM volunteers. Our students were curious as to how these meteors got to Earth, which then prompted a further inquiry into the Moon

We are excited to continue our Space Inquiry unit this term and research other planets, stars, astronauts and spaceships through the next coming weeks.

Interested in learning more about Meteorites? Click here to check out some interesting facts from our friends over at The Royal Ontario Museum.