The RDS Kindergarten Program

Inspired by Imagination and Inquiry

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Virtual Admission Series - Learn more about our Junior School Programming and how Inquiry shapes what we do!

A Strong Academic Foundation

The Kindergarten Program at RDS is focused on developing independence, self-confidence, and curiosity about the world through a child-centered, inquiry-based approach. Discover a Reggio-inspired program where children’s natural curiosity, creativity, and developing independence are honored and supported. Through meaningful project work, self-discovery, exploration, and opportunities to build valuable relationships, students learn to ask questions, think critically as they experience joyful learning in an environment that celebrates childhood. Teachers create learning experiences that are tailored to student interests and capabilities. Each child brings a unique sense of authenticity to the classroom; a set of interests, abilities, attitudes, and stories that are valued, fostered and included in their learning.


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Students in Kindergarten receive Daily Physical Education


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